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mercredi 1 août 2018

The Apps That Every Internet Marketing Company Should Have

By Arthur Williams

We live in what many people call the mobile age, and it's easy to see why. It seems like virtually everyone owns a smartphone now, and with that comes the downloading of mobile applications. Did you know, though, that there are a number of apps that will be able to benefit those that work in marketing? Here are just a few of the programs in question that every Internet marketing company should have if they don't already.

LastPass - For those that don't know, LastPass is an application that can save passwords. For Internet marketing companies, this is useful when handling numerous accounts. You don't have to worry about passwords becoming lost or even falling into the wrong hands. Passwords will be saved in a secure manner, which should provide you with the peace of mind you were looking for. Needless to say, reputable names like recommend this, and understandably so.

Trello - This is one of the more commonly cited marketing apps that people can't help but enjoy. Trello is a project management app of sorts that will allow you to create lists and keep track of the tasks that you must complete from day to day. What this does, in theory, is ensure that you make no mistakes when completing your work. For those with hectic schedules, Trello is worth looking into as well.

Buffer - Marketers are known for managing a litany of social media accounts, which is tricky in its own right. Buffer is a mobile app that makes this process easier by allowing users to schedule posts and content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. What this means is that if you're going away on holiday, you can simply schedule your content so that it submits on its own. You won't have to lift another finger to make this happen.

MailChimp - Email marketing and MailChimp are nothing short of intertwined. With the mobile app in question, you will be able to manage the campaigns that you're running via email, which means that you will be able to see greater engagement through the copy, newsletters, and other content you send. You can also manage your e-commerce efforts with this app if you're selling products or services online. For email and otherwise, MailChimp stands out.

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