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jeudi 9 août 2018

An Excellent Summary Of Seminary Pros And Cons

By Kenneth Wright

People who feel that they need to understand their religion can consider enrolling in a seminary institution. At the institution, you will be in a position to read the work of scholars and see their viewpoint on matters concerning a given religion. If you are considering becoming a priest or a pastor, you can enroll in such institutions as they offer excellent training in theology. However, you are required to understand the seminary pros and cons before opting to join one. The discussion below gives it all on the subject.

In these institutions, extensive reading is encouraged during the training. In such a college, you will spend a lot of time reading books written by many scholars or the writings of various professors. You get to read on the theologians, the religious history, as well as biblical commentaries. By reading a lot, you get an understanding of the ministry practices and the religious beliefs. This, in turn, will increase your confidence in your religion.

Many people have a lot of unanswered queries about their religion that get addressed in such seminaries. In certified theological school, there are professors and many scholars conducting studies and doing intense research every day. Therefore, the many questions you have can be easily answered in the institution.

Writing is encouraged during training through the frequent composition of the coursework. You are presented with projects and essays throughout the session to ensure that you can put your thoughts into written words. You can express your thoughts well in writing. Apart from fulfilling the academic obligation, you will have reliable sources of reference in future.

You also get to comprehend and appreciate diversity when you go for the training in these schools. When you are studying theology, you take various views on the subject. You are allowed to study what other people from other religions think about your religion. You interact with such people and this gives you a deeper understanding of the differences. Instead of dwelling on the discrepancy, this training helps you to appreciate it and other people.

On contrary, going to seminaries make you deal with huge workloads as part of the expansive coursework. This can cause a lot of stress. Most of the time, you can be concentrating on reading books and attending classes. You can have less time to handle things that affect your personal life. Dealing with stress can cause you to deal with a lot of psychological trauma. You may end up leaving the seminar after wasting time and spend money trying to get rid of psychological problems.

Religious beliefs require a lot of understanding. If you have doubts, it can be challenging defending your faith from questions. You may find it hard to answer some questions hence you will end up having doubts. Doubts usually make a person stop believing or have little faith.

Lastly, going to a seminary for a long time can make you lose touch with the rest of the world. This is because, during that period, you will be in a small world with its unique beliefs that do not explain various things in the real world. The teachings you receive might be unhelpful thus you might not blend well. You learn more about religion and what other theologians have done.

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