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This website was designed to give people a glimpse of the opportunities that are out there for making money, or earning a living away from the usual Employment situations.

“The goal of this site is to introduce people to some of the many money making methods and legitimate business models that are available today both online and offline. The Internet has opened up a whole new avenue of business opportunities, and the best thing about it is the level playing field it gives to anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do some work” says Hamilton.

Even the offline business opportunities are enhanced and facilitated by the power of high-speed Internet. For instance, one way to make money that the website gives you instructions about is making jewelry by hand. While it’s obvious that this is not done online, knowing how to create a dynamic and easily accessed website and how to use the inexpensive advertising techniques that the Internet makes possible are the things that allow businesses to be forged like never before.

Making Money Online shows you how to make money by blogging; how to become a successful online affiliate marketer; how to make money with the social networking sites like Facebook; how to use Squidoo and Hub Pages to build a valuable resource and make money; how to start up your own “virtual business”; even how to make money writing poetry or hosting your own fantasy sports league. The list of possibilities is truly endless.

“There are millionaires being made almost every day online, but there are also thousands of people who are simply replacing their incomes, supporting their families, and living a better lifestyle with their online businesses. The entire business paradigm is changing; people are embracing the Internet and we are still only just getting started. It’s like with all new industries that have sprung up, be it gold, railways, oil, manufacturing, and so on: in the early days anyone who wants to can get started for next to nothing. The next generation of fortunes is being forged online right now” Hamilton asserts.

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