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mercredi 30 mai 2018

How To Communicate To A Husband Hard Of Hearing

By Nancy Walker

At the time, misfortune befalls us and we are unable to overcome it. For example, we may get involved in an accident that badly injures us and we are unable to go back to our former selves. We may lose the ability to walk or even see or hear. After such an occurrence, we need to learn a whole new way of life. Below are some of the pointers on how to speak to your husband hard of hearing.

You should always be considerate. Before you talk, get the attention of the person you are aiming to talk to. This gives them a chance to get ready to understand what it is you are going to say to them. Keep in mind that unlike hearing people, they need to put a lot of effort into concentrating so that they can be able to understand what you are saying.

Make sure that they are able to see your mouth. They fill in what they cannot hear by reading your lips. To make it easier for them, avoid covering your mouth while talking. Ensure you are in a well-lit place so that they can make out whatever it is you are saying. You should also avoid chewing a moving around as you speak.

Enunciate as much as you can and maintain a steady pace of talking. Enunciating makes it clearer to hear whatever is being said. The steady pace of speech gives the person a chance to read your lips and understand you. If you speak too fast they may not at all understand what you are saying while speaking too slow makes lip reading harder.

As you already know, concentration is key in order to communicate to a person experiencing difficulty in hearing. Therefore, the background noise should be kept to a minimum. For example, the fan should be kept low or even the AC. If you are going out, you should make a point of choosing a corner booth that is well lit up for the person to read your lips.

At times, it is usually a group of people hanging out. You may be very excited but it is difficult to consider the person with trouble hearing. You should make an effort to face the person as you speak and make sure they can see you. You should also not speak at the same time. Take turns to avoid excluding the person.

At times, you may be needed to repeat saying something a few times before they get it. Sometimes the words you use may prove difficult for them to understand and it is at that point that you will need to rephrase your sentence. If all of that still does not work, try spelling out the first few letters of the difficult word.

You want the person to be comfortable around you. When you have a hard time understanding each other, you can look at the positive side and make fun of it. This will make you more comfortable with each other.

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