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vendredi 4 mai 2018

All About Epigenetics And Genes Wholly

By Carl Rogers

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity which is not caused by changes in the DNA sequence. DNA is what gives us our identity. It makes us unique from all the other people. We inherit it from our parents. Thus relatives have DNA that is similar in some ways. The article below points outs of genetics.

Inbreeding is one of the many causes of the loss in value breeds be it be plants or animals. It may lead to characteristics such as stunted growth, slow development generally among other things. Even in people, people are not allowed to marry relatives in many cultures. Some of Muslims, however, do not mind marriage between cousins.

A chimera is one is an organism with patches of different DNA. This may occur as a result of mosaicism which is a process by which genes mutate and form a whole new strand of DNA. An embryo of about 8-16 cells old faces the possibility of undergoing this process. In the case of twins, they may interact and form DNA before they become separate individuals.

In DNA proteins are coded in three base layers. After the coding, there is a proof-reading process to ensure that no mistakes were made. The main aim is to make sure the copy is the same as the original. Mistakes may lead to conditions such for example; Haringtons disease. This is whereby there is a duplication of CAG which becomes a problem when passed on for generations.

There is the possibility of viruses invading the human cells is very real. They can be very harmful if they are not affected by mutagens. Even when affected by mutagens they can be stopped but not completely eradicated from the cell. This means they will have passed on from one cell to another and if they come into contact reproductive cells, the individual may have the virus in all the cells.

There is the case of jumping genes. These are the king of genes that can detach themselves from a DNA strand and later on reattach themselves. These do not have many effects, and the effects are dominant in maize seeds. Many are times you may have seen that maize grains have a lot of different colors. These are a perfect example of jumping genes.

The first ancestor of all of the living organism is the determinant of the structural base of all the DNA. The bases are usually four, but some cells with different kinds of bases have been brought forth and still work normally. This dismisses the theory of DNA only being able to form on four base stands. It is possible that all living things share a common ancestry.

There is the possibility of three-parent babies. This may be really confusing, but it does not involve three individuals. A person gets half their chromosomes from their father and the half from their mother. The mitochondria, however, are all from their mother. If they have mutated, they may bring a problem and this may be solved by putting the nucleus into a none fertilized egg.

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