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dimanche 15 avril 2018

Social Media & The Myths That Long Island Advertising Agencies Shed Light On

By Rob Sutter

Social media is everywhere, it seems, and there's a good chance that you use at least one platform on a daily basis. Whether your focus is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Reddit, there is a wealth of information that Long Island advertising agencies. They can also discuss some of the myths that are continually spread, no matter how often they're disproven. These are just a few of the myths that you may want to study up on.

"A bigger fan base leads to bigger results." As reputable agencies along the lines of fishbat will tell you, this isn't always the case. A Facebook page could have as many as one million followers, but if they aren't properly engaged, this particular statistic will mean very little. In fact, you can get much more out of having a handful of followers that are genuinely interested in what you have to provide. Keeping your fan base engaged is paramount.

"Social media can replace my website." The likes of Facebook and Twitter aren't going away anytime soon. The same can be said about websites, which is why one shouldn't exactly be favored over the other. Both platforms work in unique ways, meaning that it's all the more important to focus on them. Social media serves as a channel for awareness. On the other hand, the website is where the bulk of all business will be done. Current and future business owners would be wise to keep this in mind.

"I must have an account on every social media website." Despite what you may think, having an account on every social media isn't necessary to achieve results. Keep in mind that some of these platforms will complement your business better than others. For instance, if you run a real estate firm, you may want to use LinkedIn so that you can connect with fellow agents, brokers, and perhaps buyers. In this situation, you may focus less on other platforms so that you can invest more into LinkedIn.

"I don't need anything else for marketing but social media." Don't make the mistake of assuming that social media is the only marketing tool you'll require. It can help create awareness and perhaps drive sales, but there are other factors to consider as well. SEO, for instance, will help your site rank. Graphic design will be used to create present and future assets. Content creation is done to produce press releases, blog posts, and other forms of content for a wider audience. Marketing isn't a one-trick pony, no matter how impressive the trick may be.

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