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mardi 13 mars 2018

Why Super Bowl Ads Are Successful In The Eyes Of Internet Marketing Companies

By Paula Hess

Internet marketing companies understand that some televised events are more popular than others. For proof of this, you needn't look further than the Super Bowl, which is watched by both casual viewers and sports enthusiasts alike. Both groups will be met with a series of ads, and to say that they stand out would be an understatement. If you'd like to know what makes a successful Super Bowl ad, the following information should prove useful.

One of the many factors that helps a Super Bowl ad stand out is uniqueness. This may be the most important factor as well, seeing as how businesses want viewers to remember the messages that they put out. For example, earlier this year, M&Ms put out a commercial that showed the iconic red M&M transform into a human form, the latter being played by Danny DeVito. It left an impression, to say the least, and the likes of will agree.

Another reason why Super Bowl ads stand out, though not necessary in all cases, is the utilization of celebrities. When people see those in ads that they've seen in movies or TV, chances are that they will be more interested to watch, even if the products being displayed aren't relevant to them. Peter Dinklage lip-synching to a Busta Rhymes song, for example, played to the actor's comedic talents. It also helped to create a memorable commercial during the game.

While the features discussed earlier are important, what's even more vital is the utilization of digital media. This should come as no surprise given the Internet age that we live in, so it's important to use as many platforms as possible. You can put your ads and commercials on YouTube, prior to the Super Bowl, so that you can create more interest. Make sure that they're shared across social media, too, so that you reach the maximum number of potential customers.

As you can see, there are numerous factors that go into building an ad or commercial for the Super Bowl. While the publicity of such an event is undeniable, it's important to account for the costs. It's been reported that a single 30-second commercial during this event can exceed $5 million. To say that this is a high price would be an understatement, but if you have the means to cover this, you stand the chance of reaching millions upon millions of people.

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