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lundi 5 décembre 2016

Romance Novel Reviews Help Readers To Choose Books They Will Enjoy

By Brian West

Reading remains one of the most popular free time activities in the world. Avid readers simply cannot imagine their lives without the ability to read. Romantic works remain one of the most popular genres in the world, despite the fact that critics often describe them as shallow trash. Fans of this genre will find that romance novel reviews can help them select the works that are most likely to appeal to them.

One of the reasons why romantic literature remains so popular is because it allows readers to escape into worlds where they want themselves to be. Romantic stories may be pure escapism, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to escape, at least for a little while, to a make belief world where everything works out just the way it should be, at least at the end.

Reviewers play an important role in helping people to choose their reading material. Modern reviewers normally publish on specialized blogs. Some will provide their opinions on any publication but most reviewers focus on a very specific genre. There are many of them that concentrate on romantic publications, as even a very basic internet search will reveal. There are even fields of specialization within the broad field of romantic writing.

The most well known type of romantic story follows a pattern where there is a male and a female that likes each other but that are kept from each other. They go through agony and hardship but eventually they are rewarded and their love lasts forever. Romantic works also address other fields, however, such as gay themes and even darker issues such as love within the context of abuse, religion and socially taboo circumstances.

Reviewing new publications is not as simple as expressing a personal opinion. Reviewers have to keep their target audiences in mind. Their comments must therefore make it very clear what type of work it is that they are reviewing right from the outset. If it is a hardcore work containing explicit descriptions of sex, for example, many people would take offence and that is why it is necessary to briefly describe the type of romantic story that is reviewed.

Good reviewers know that it is a cardinal sin to reveal the plot. There is no joy in reading a new publication already knowing how it will end. Reviewers should therefore rather focus on providing a summary of the story, a description of the main characters and the skill of the author. When readers study the opinions of reviewers they simply want to know whether they are likely to enjoy the book.

Reviewers also know not to judge the taste of their readers. They have to remain objective and they need to keep in mind that millions of people may actually enjoy a publication that they personally find lacking or even reprehensible. Reviewers write for ordinary readers, not for literary experts and they should never forget this.

Romantic works will continue to be popular because there will always be people who want to believe on love and that want to escape from their ordinary lives. One only has to peruse a bookshop to see just how popular this genre is. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about a romantic story. In fact, it may even be psychologically healthy.

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