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dimanche 4 septembre 2016

The Incredible Versatility Of An Electric Herb Grinder

By Frank Morgan

There are so many different kitchen gadgets on the market that it can be difficult to choose which ones to buy. The question to ask yourself is whether the gadget in question will really make your life easier and give you your money's worth. One device that truly meets these criteria and will definitely be a great investment is an electric herb grinder.

The appliance has sharp blades similar to a blender's and these turn at great speeds to chop up whatever you need to have a finer texture. To clean it, all you need to do is wipe the inside with a dishcloth or a paper towel after you've used it. An even greater benefit is that it will take you only a few seconds to grind something that would have taken you ages if you did it the old-fashioned way. Furthermore, it's one of the most versatile appliances you will ever own.

The obvious use for an herb grinder is to chop up herbs. For fresh herbs, you'll need to use the pulse mode so that you don't end up with a sticky paste. Dried herbs will become fine so that your cooking will be filled with flavor but without leafy green bits. Many people even use the appliance to chop up herbs for smoking, since a finer texture makes it easier to roll an herbal cigarette.

The ground spices you buy in the store can quickly go stale and lose their flavor. Whole spices keep their flavor for a longer time and with your little grinding machine, you can grind the small quantity that the recipe requires. It will take you a few seconds and you will never again have to struggle crushing those cloves, peppercorns or cardamom seeds with a mortar and pestle.

It's not only for herbs and spices that can you will use the appliance. Use it to crush flax seeds for easier digestion or to grind small amounts of legumes, nuts or whole grains into flour. Turn cookies, breakfast cereals or stale bread into crumbs in a matter of seconds and use these to make a pie crust or a crispy coating.

A quality grinder is also a great solution for those days when the store has only the coarse variety of the salt you prefer. If you decide to bake something and don't have time to go and buy powdered sugar, the gadget will turn plain old sugar into something so fine that the most discerning confectioner won't be able to tell the difference. Coffee connoisseurs will also love the fact that they can now have freshly ground beans for a tastier pick-me-up.

A good electric grinder is an essential tool if you'd like to try your hand at making homemade, natural hygiene and beauty products. Add some cloves or dried mint to baking soda and grind it into a fine, tasty tooth powder that will keep your breath fresh and your teeth in good condition. Coffee grounds are great for gently exfoliating dry skin and powdered medicinal herbs such as calendula or lavender flowers are excellent in face masks, ointments or deodorants.

For a special touch when you wrap gifts, add some paper confetti or sweet-smelling potpourri. You can make the confetti by grinding pieces of colorful paper. Potpourri will also get a wonderfully even texture if you grind the dried flower petals for a few seconds.

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