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dimanche 25 février 2018

Postcard Advertising Can Help Artisans And Crafters

By Scott Stevens

Getting a marketing or promotional plan together can be a challenge for new business owners. Often, it is common that only one tool may be used at a time when there should be at least two methods in place. While social media is effective in most cases, there should be a primary method for artistic ventures. Postcard advertising can be used to show off works while sharing information.

This is simply the process of sending out full color cards that announce a grand opening, event, or product release. While some cards may use a single color or a paper type that is not glossy, this is something that should always be done through a professional printing service. Even if a mailing list is very small, the idea is to keep the imagery looking good.

When it comes to using images, one may make a bigger impress over another in the eyes of the recipient. Some artisans will use about three to four when announcing upcoming events or a product line debut. Sometimes, they may gauge which images get the most response and use this information when placing a future order. While logos are nice, it helps to choose images with the most colors and reproduce well.

A professional can also edit photos so they transfer well. Not all photo editing applications can rasterize images so they no longer appear pixelated when digitally transferred. Most operations also have a person that can make sure that the most important elements of an image are seen once it has been mass produced. Not all home printers have this capability, as some high resolution images can use a lot of ink.

Although some artisans may use electronic postcards as a way of marketing online, keeping hard copies of postcards are great for online marketing. It can be a nice token to present to someone who has expressed interest, as tangibles can be used a part of engagement marketing. Some people present these along with a business card or flyer at different events.

Postcards that look amateurish seldom get a second chance from a business prospect and can be counterproductive. A professionally done card has rich colors, balanced images, and is spaced so that all elements do not bleed or run off the card. Those who are serious about hiring a professional should take their time and compare prices.

Firstly, it helps to look at competitors and find out where they got their postcards printed. Some bloggers or small business sites may also have suggestions for companies that do not require large orders. Or just peruse printers that work specifically with small business owners or freelancers. The idea is to find a place that delivers quality work and will offer a volume price break on a small business order.

A lot of people are surprised at the cost per unit once they get the product in hand and see how it works. Before getting a budget together, talking to someone who has marketing or public relations experience should present essentials for this type of promotion. For instance, they can share what type of image is most likely to get attention and remain in the mindset of the recipient.

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