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samedi 8 juillet 2017

Why Should Web Design Companies Focus On Motion?

By Arthur Williams

There seems to be a sense of seamlessness when it comes to the websites that we use today. It makes sense, given the fact that more and more designers have been adopting "less is more" approaches. These matter for website design companies across the board, but motion is still an element that most people take for granted. Here are a few things that you should know about it, as well as how it aids your experience on any well-made site.

One of the most important things to know about website motion is that it doesn't apply to animation and video alone. Despite the fact that these can prove useful in certain circumstances, the truth of the matter is that motion is more encompassing term. Companies such as Lounge Lizard can agree, which means that said term can easily apply to how a user moves from one section to the next. This is just one of many factors that should be noted.

Next, you should know that an emphasis on motion tends to result in fewer internal pages being created. Any website development company will agree that when there's more pages to click, visitors can become lost, resulting in a negative experience. Fortunately, with the advent of scrolling sites, users can receive all of the information they need without clicking around too much. Needless to say, motion is vital in this sense.

Lastly, if you are concerned about bandwidth and how much motion takes up, you can put those concerns to rest. It's important to note that web design, in this day and age, is built upon the idea of minimalism. In other words, when there's less data to process, the user experience becomes that much better. Motion is a vital component to any website, but you'll be happy to know that it won't take up much space at all.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to learn about motion when it comes to website design. It's one of those aspects that tends to go overlooked, or unappreciated, but the fact that it's present in various projects cannot be ignored. It's a simple matter of how it's implemented, however. When it's brought into a website in seamless fashion, the results are nothing short of tremendous. Motion matters, so make it a propriety.

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