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mercredi 26 avril 2017

How Can You Install Whatsapp On Your PC Without Using Bluestacks?

By Jamal D White

With the development of technology, the way people communicate with one another. With WhatsApp being used as the most favoured and the maximum extensively used messaging or chatting software. With the availability of the messengers and chatting facility even the mobile gadgets are actually used as an advertising and marketing medium. There are certain components or factors that you can consider to apply the WhatsApp advertising advantages to your enterprise.

Every day there are thousands of messages that we send to our friends and relatives using the WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app, you still need to have internet facility to use the App. There is lots of information about WhatsApp that you need to know such as you can use WhatsApp on your PC too. People are often found to use Bluestacks to download and install WhatsApp to use it on their PC.

What makes WhatsApp the globally used messaging app is because it is available for free; yes you do not have to pay any amount to anyone to use the facility or the features of the WhatsApp. It allows you to send multimedia messages, in the form of pictures, videos, notify the location, send contacts, mms, voice recordings and many more.

WhatsApp additionally comes with a closing visible function, this makes it feasible for customers to discover who was on line or is on-line in the meantime from their touch group. However, you furthermore might have the option to cover the closing visible. a good way to do that you have to go to settings, then to the account followed through privacy, underneath this you need to select closing seen and then pick out from the options which you have. Namely there are three alternatives available a good way to select from who can see your last visible, everybody, My Contacts and nobody, any most of the three which you desire.

When WhatsApp first came into the market, it was only available for installations for android smartphones, windows phone and so on. However, with the developments made in the recent years, it has also become possible to download, install and run WhatsApp on our PC too. You have the option to download WhatsApp on your PC that can be used with operating system, like Windows 7/8/8.1.

While you synchronize your cellular along with your laptop, the facts associated with WhatsApp additionally get synchronized too. Now each notification which you should see using your WhatsApp will be available for your laptop too. Additionally the synchronization that follows may be accomplished the use of or without the usage of the Bluestacks.

In case you are seeking to have WhatsApp in your computer without the usage of the Bluestacks, the process of doing so is very simple. All you need to do is observe certain simple steps. First off make sure you've got Google chrome mounted in your laptop, if you don't have it already. As soon as executed, go to the professional website of WhatsApp, which permits you to down load WhatsApp.

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