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mardi 21 mars 2017

What A Humorous Project Management Blog Can Do

By Charles Cooper

Targeted blogs can provide a lot of things for people, whether for marketing concerns or for explicating technical concerns in simpler ways. The main qualities for this type of writing are clarity, conciseness, accessibility and a conversational and friendly tone and manner. For some of those in need of good online resources, some blogs can offer specific views.

Managers are nothing if not serious, but often they see the serious element as something that forms a barrier that prevents total employee engagement. A humorous project management blog enables people to find out ways of how to creatively make project management manageable. And in an atmosphere not laden but lightened by the relevant issues at hand.

The first thing to realize about humor for blogs is it should be practiced with good judgment, and for making points clearer or more impactful. It may serve as a final illustration for a problem issue, and is good to use for transitions. Many bloggers use it awkwardly, unwilling to really access the full potential of humor for moving from point to difficult point.

When it comes to project management, an article that uses humor will do things like lighten negative or make a criticism acceptable or unmalicious. Also, the manager should know how it can be the catalyst, something that can break apart some deeply held dogma whose time has come for replacement. And the project handler who reads a humorous blog will have some creative inspiration.

A useful blog knows how to pull the stops on humor and makes it unnecessary to make a joke every time. Laughing too much can have a negative pull that works on the audience subconscious. The blog should also be adept at showing how to make nonmalicious jokes, and this is hard to do but highly effective when the audience realizes it.

Malice should never get into the picture, and this is achieved by the better writers. Good, hearty laughter can help get a reader over a hump, over the most boring technical references. And the blog should be able to make the reader realizes the major points about writing with jokes so as to be usable in project applications.

The most skilled comics know how to make timing and punchlines work for them, to have the best effect possible. Timing is a kind of control that is creative, able to unlock many things for audiences at the same time. It is about gestalt, and when used successfully, it is very efficient for making long descriptions less necessary, thus keeping things less complicated.

Writers can use humor as a tool, like everything else for the written word. They should also be relevant and avoid tangling into lines that turn round and round. When following this, humor will have darker undertones which have a negative impact on the mind.

Blogs can be targeted by using comedy, but in terms of putting it on for relief, because that is a lazy and irresponsible thing to do. On the ideal plane, real relief is something given through enlightenment, when better views come into sight. If the blog achieves this alone, you can say it is an excellent one.

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