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mercredi 11 janvier 2017

The Common Traits Of Game Design & Web Design New York

By Arthur Williams

There's more in common with game design and web design New York strategies than you might think. While the strategies in question are used to develop two entirely different pieces of media, this doesn't change the fact that they share similarities. What do these similarities entail, you may wonder? For those who are curious to learn about them, here are a few of the most important talking points that are worth going over.

One of the most important factors of modern-day web design, according to companies like Avatar New York, is simplicity. You want to make sure that things are kept relatively easy on the eyes, since this is more effective when it comes to presenting information. Any web design New York company that's reputable will be able to say the same. How does this relate to the art of game design, you may wonder?

The idea of simplicity carries over to modern-day game design, too. Seeing as how technology has grown so much over the years, game developers have to know how to integrate users into their experiences. One of the ways that this is done is with in-game tutorials, which vary in terms of their effectiveness. The best tutorials slowly ease players into the experience, letting them learn the controls, not to mention the rules they must play within.

What's just as important for both game and web design is user engagement. Websites are most effective when they engage visitors, directing them to certain sections in order for them to complete actions. In game design, without user engagement, players will be less inclined to continue playing what they have spent their money on. In terms of similarities between these two pieces of media, user engagement is nothing short of vital.

As you can see, the ways that video games and websites are created are actually quite similar. There's no denying the fact that they are different, but it's surprising to see just how similar they are to one another. A focus on simplicity and user engagement alike is needed in order for said forms of media to stand out. Even though they're meant to yield different results, not to mention accomplish separate goals, their common traits are nothing short of noteworthy.

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